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here's always a need for a fine premium and quality tasting cigar and Don Alexander Premium Cigars has tapped into that need. A phenomenal and exquisite blended tobacco experience, Don Alexander has manufactured an above par stogie for the cigar enthusiast the world over. The brand's mission and goal is to present a luxury product that reflects the bold and brilliant variety of flavors that aficionados desire for their pallots when enjoying a relaxing pull from some of the worlds most beloved cigars.


Don Alexander Premium Cigars  is a superbly constructed cigar with a gratifying draw that produces an infectious sultry aroma.  These individually hand-rolled cigars are created with quality craftsmanship using aged tobacco leaves from the Dominican Republic to create a unique and distinct taste. To provide such a one of a kind distinction, we use long leaf fillers with aged Cuban-seed tobacco promoting a complex and satisfying experience unmatched by any other!


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